3 Sections: Color (PSA CPB), Monochrome (PSA MPB) & Lanterna Magica (PSA CPB)

Note that only color images are allowed in the Lanterna Magica section. An explanation of
the theme can be found in the conditions.

All acceptances will count for FIAP and PSA distinctions and for inclusion in PSA “Star Rating” and “Who’s Who”. All acceptance eligibility shall be in accordance with the PID Star Ratings or the Galaxy/Diamond Ratings requirements as appropriate. Each photo can be presented in only one section.

Entry fee

Entries for which no or insufficient payment has been received will not be judged.
Payment via PayPal only. PayPal address:

1 section USD$26 / €23
2 sections USD$30 / €26
3 sections USD$34 / €29

Group entry:
Groups of 5, or more photographers may enter as a group at a flat rate of USD$26 / €23 per
entrant, regardless of the number of sections each photographer chooses to participate in.
Groups will also compete for the best group entry trophy. The best group will be determined
by the highest aggregate score of the top scoring section for the best 5 entrants of the
group. In case of a tie the awards of the group will be used as a tie breaker.
Groups of 10, or more will be offered an entry fee of USD$23 / €20 per entrant, regardless of
the number of sections entered.